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A 1000 reasons.

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That's the number you get in 0.49 seconds when you Google "Reasons to practice BJJ".

If you replace "BJJ" with "Jiu-Jitsu", the number drops significantly to a still whopping 4,370,000 results in 0.51 seconds. That might tell us something about the way the sport is frequently called around the world, but we'll leave that for another day. These numbers look incredibly high when we consider that our sport is still growing and we frequently stumble upon somebody saying:

"Brazilian what" Never heard of that", or "yeah, it's like Karate, right?"

If on one hand we can definitely be encouraged as it really looks like Jiu-Jitsu is the fastest growing Martial Art around the world these days, on the other, it doesn't take very long for us to realize we still have a long way to go. The same Google search for other Martial Arts styles will generate no less than 20 million results. It seems like every single Martial Art has their aficionados and they, like we, don't really mind offering the world their reasons to practice the Martial Art they love. The reality is that this isn't only true about martial artists. People offer reasons for whatever they do, even outside of the realm of sports. However, there's again a small difference between Jiu Jitsu and the rest of the world. Whenever you take a closer look at the millions of results generated by these searches on any other sport, you will find that there is very little variety of reasons to practice them. You will be hard-pressed to find more than 15, maybe 20 of them. When you look at the reasons offered by Jiu Jitsu practitioners, the list is basically infinite.

From introverts of all ages who learned to be more assertive to mothers of autistic children who finally got a hug from their 10-year-old, thanks to Jiu Jitsu. We've got everything!

In all of its facets, Jiu Jitsu has the power to touch every single aspect of our lives. Jiu Jitsu is not a kids' sport, an adults' sport, a women's sport. Jiu Jitsu offers benefits to all of these categories but also transcends all of them. The techniques help the intellect, the sweat helps you to get in shape, lose weight, improve cardio; The mat side chat makes us more social, breeds a healthy community, and strengthens friendships. The constant pressure helps us keep our cool at all times and think real hard about a possible solution, multiplying our capacity to hope, not as wishful thinking, but because we get so much better at problem-solving. That makes us more confident and less arrogant.

The list goes on and on. As Jiu Jitsu is infinite, so is the list of benefits to all who would dare to step on the mats.

What's the coolest reason for someone to practice Jiu Jitsu? Let us know in the comments.

See you on the mats.

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