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André Galvão and ADCC: How much is too much?

Recently, André Galvão gave BJJFLIX an exclusive interview telling his side of the story regarding his superfight against Gordon Ryan for the highly anticipated upcoming edition of ADCC in 2022.

Although Professor Galvão never revealed his magical number in this interview, he has mentioned 1 million dollars in the past. Whether this is the actual number for which he's asked Mo Jassim, the organizer of the epic 2019 event who is already gearing up for 2022 with the promise of dwarfing the past event: "If you think 2019 was big, wait for the next one. I already have a major MMA star willing to do the event", said the promoter on an Instagram live session. Mo also claims 1 million dollars is more than the revenue for the entire sold-out 2019 event and there is no way he could give it all to one single fighter.

Gordon Ryan has repeatedly said this fight is about legacy, not money. He has offered even to do it for charity, giving up the entire pay-per-view revenue for the cause of underprivileged children in São Sebastião, Galvão's hometown.

André Galvão has already said he is retired and that he doesn't believe he needs this fight for his legacy. He also understands people want to see it happen: "If they (ADCC) don't want to pay me, that's ok. It's their loss because people want to see it." Said the 6x ADCC champion to BJJFLIX Mayara Munhos in his latest interview.

While the internet beef can be highly entertaining and believe me when I say it is. When you listen to the arguments individually, they all seem to make sense. Here are a few of the things Galvão has expressed so far:

"I'm retired, I am 38 years old, I will be 40 by the time we fight and Gordon will be 28."

"Fighting is easy. Showing up on the day and fighting is the easy part. However, there's a cost to all of that. I have to pay professionals to both train me and sub for me at the school as I drop everything and just train for 5 months."

André has also mentioned the fact that athletes have 2 years to study him and Ryan proves that point when he attacks him by saying it's been years since his last No Gi submission. Galvão's last point of contention is simple: "I deserve it!"

Whether this fight has any chance of ever happening remains to be seen. Gordon Ryan argues that clearly, André is pricing himself out so he doesn't have to face him. Mo seems to oppose it not only on the financial aspect but on principles. He has indicated multiple times that looking at total cost and total revenue for the event, the number just doesn't make sense. In his recent live chat with fans on Instagram, he seemed to be more in favor of spreading the pay increase across the board than of meeting Galvão's demands, should he ever have such a robust budget.

It is undeniable this fight has generated interest in the grappling community worldwide and the discussion is far from over. None of the parties involved have abandoned the negotiations and the event is over a year away.

We, the fans, have a voice too.

Maybe the strongest voice in all of this. Will this fight happen if we're loud enough? As I write this, I honestly don't know but what I do know is that there's only one way to find out. Intelligently expressing our interest and support can't possibly be a bad idea.

How do you think the fans can help this fight to come about?

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