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BJJ and Life

2020 is gone and with it, all the problems and difficulties. All the pains and anxieties. Is it so, though? I wish it were. A simple change in the calendar and all that afflicts us becomes just a memory, a victorious one because after all, we've survived the adversities.

Life and the mats teach us that reality is quite different, but not everything is lost. Adversity ends up being a major instrument for our growth. It seems cliché but it is amazing how Jiu Jitsu illustrates life. Every day the mats offer us countless lessons that can easily be applied outside of them, in all areas of our lives.

Adversity is responsible for most of these lessons, teaching us that by remaining calm and applying what we know, we will always be able to ease the problem and perhaps even come out victorious. In Jiu Jitsu, as in life, we learn to recognize the time to start over. We learn that pain is not always your enemy. Jiu Jitsu teaches us that your adversaries don't have to be your enemies and that no matter how big, powerful, or dangerous they are, they can be overcome.

I write convinced that these and so many other lessons are the reason why we beat a year full of adversities and now begin another cycle knowing that adversity will continue to exist, be it pandemics, financial, or whatever it is, but we can move forward, with the hope of better days because Jiu Jitsu equips us to overcome the obstacles of life, every day.

May Jiu Jitsu flourish in all corners of the world in 2021 with strength and dignity, showing people all its benefits and creating a better world for us.

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