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I'm not really shooting for a normal life.

According to Joe Rogan and Jocko Willink, Jiu Jitsu is pretty much a superpower. The effects it has on your body and mind are unparalleled. It promotes growth through constantly overcoming obstacles. There simply is no easy day on the mats. You'll always be challenged and whenever you feel that you're all that, some lighter, weaker, lower-ranked dude will come out of nowhere to make sure you get a generous slice of humble pie.

Having your rear end handed to you, repeatedly or sporadically, is also a soul-transforming (and sometimes "crushing") experience. You truly feel like you're becoming a better human being.

As time goes by, you can look back and see all the times you've used or benefited from this superpower. That's when the words from dying uncle Ben come alive to you:

"With great power, comes great responsibility."

You remember how much your training partners have helped you to grow as a fighter. How much your professor has helped you to mature as a martial artist, and how Jiu Jitsu has sculpted you into a better human. Helping each other is a common practice on the mats and it does bleed into all aspects of life. The true martial artist will naturally and inevitably use his superpower in the service of others. Sometimes it might be a Kimura or a Wristlock, sometimes we might teach them how to be more assertive saying "no", but we can't hold it back, we can't keep it in.

We'll always share Jiu Jitsu principles, and techniques with anyone who will listen, because Jiu Jitsu isn't a "side thing". It is a lifestyle!

In that sense, it is easier for a snowflake to survive in Rio, than it is for a "Jiu Jiteiro" to have a "normal life". The BJJ player will always be the one saying: "We can do this" even when no one thinks we can; "I ain't quitting" when all already have long ago. We'll be comfortable in very uncomfortable situations and definitely keep our cool under pressure, after all the school's mat enforcers teach us that every single day, right?

Another way in which we'll not be normal is just that: We're just not! Think about it. Your best friends try to and often do, break and strangle you every time you meet. Once you "slap and bump", the murder simulation is on for the next few minutes. That not only makes you happy, but it brings you closer to them.


Jiu Jitsu trains you to overcome challenges and the satisfaction in doing so is highly addictive. Whenever you have no challenges, you actively look for a new one and that's hardly "normal". Everybody likes peace and quiet, everybody likes comfort, including you but BJJ folks know better and while they might visit the comfort zone every now and then, they certainly don't live there and that's what makes our lives anything but normal.

How "normal" does your life look? How abnormal has BJJ made you? Let us know in the comments.


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