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Jiu Jitsu is an addiction

Every day, on the mats around the world, we meet people of all colors, creeds, and social backgrounds. Children, teens, and adults, with infinitely different backgrounds, live their passion for the art with intensity. The fact that we very rarely find practitioners who are not absolutely passionate about the art is curious, to say the least. But why is it that Jiu Jitsu universally comes almost always accompanied by such intense passion? Where does this power come from?

The passionate and addictive power of Jiu Jitsu is something almost supernatural. Many of us have been athletes all our lives, even having vast experience in martial arts, but Jiu Jitsu always finds a special place in the hearts of its practitioners. I believe this is surely one of the many reasons:

Jiu Jitsu takes us back to being a child again, and this is good!

When they watch us, one of the most curious things for non-practitioners of the Gentle Art is to see men and women of all ages, very excited and, at times, somewhat childishly excited about their training. The excitement of learning a new sweep, that submission that's finally worked, or simply surviving that hard Wednesday workout, are great triumphs, and we communicate them with the same sparkle in our eyes like a child who gets a new toy.

But why does this happen?

I believe that as children we have the ability to concentrate only on the play we're in at the moment, completely detaching ourselves from the world out there. As we grow up, we accumulate responsibilities, worries, and distractions, thus losing this ability. We rarely have the experience of focusing 100% on our fun, or on any other activity, for that matter. Jiu Jitsu gives us back this ability and provides us with this experience in every training session. After all, it is hard to think of the credit card statement, with your opponent on your back with both hooks in. Let alone remember the dirty dishes when you are executing your favorite attack.

Therein lies the reason for the addictive power of the Gentle Art: The therapeutic effect of forgetting the distractions of life. That's the gripping power of Jiu Jitsu: It gives you the good feeling you had when you were a child.

Being a child again! Just 1 of the many benefits that Jiu Jitsu brings us.

Keep training, everyone.

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