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Kyra Gracie, one of the greatest names in women's BJJ, opens up in exclusive interview to BJJFLIX.

In an exclusive chat with our team, Kyra talks about difficulties at the beginning of her path in the gentle art, motherhood, family, and several other subjects. Check out this extract from the interview for the show "Inside My Mind".

"There's no need to be afraid of the big bad wolf, the bad wolf should be afraid of those who do BJJ, because we know how to defend ourselves."
I believe God was very good to me, and I think that because of my mission here to influence women, he sent me two girls (laughs).
There are two pink kimonos at home, and I'd always dreamed of being a mother. I love children. I was that cousin who stayed with the children in the house, playing. And I always had this dream of being a mother and then I had my first daughter, Ayra, who is 5 years old, and then my second daughter, Kyara, who is 3 years old.
And that's wonderful because they love BJJ, they already train, Ayra is a gray belt, Kyara is a white belt, she's got one degree. Teaching my daughters in a group is difficult because they think I have to pay attention only to them, so when I'm teaching, she jumps on my neck, grabs me, gets jealous and everything.
Once I went to a seminar and took Ayra with m. So I was there giving seminar and she came, she wanted to hug me, I said "baby, mommy is working now, wait a minute", then she started crying in the middle of the seminar, I said "Sorry people let me take a 5." (laughs). She couldn't understand.

The super athlete, champion, entrepreneur and mother, says that motherhood has made a transformation in her way of teaching: "Being a mother has totally changed the way I teach children".

Now they're beginning to understand a bit more, when I give group classes they are like “mommy, mommy” and want to hug me, be together. So I prefer to give more private lessons, we play on the mat, and then in group lessons I stay in another class so they can enjoy it to the fullest.
Being a mom totally changed the way I teach children, because from the moment I got pregnant, I started to study child development, early childhood, children’s needs, how to solve conflicts, how I can work on self-confidence and all that, and then I said “well, I can apply this to Jiu-Jitsu." That's when I really opened my mind to set up a different methodology for kids.
I believe a lot in passing on values through examples, there's no use in saying if you don't to the things you say. And Jiu-Jitsu potentializes everything they will do in life.
Knowing how to lose, how to win without thinking you're better than anyone, respecting people, having commitment, focus, determination, persistence. You don't become brave overnight, you develop it little by little, like a child.
We work on this so that in the future they have the courage to apologize, to say what they think, and sometimes even to say "no", setting boundaries in relationships they'll have in the future.
"So courage is developed little by little in the childhood and it becomes greater in the future, which is necessary."

The BJJFLIX team thanks Kyra Gracie immensely for having given the interview in this super cool and relaxed chat. Do you want to know how the rest of the interview went? Check out our social media and register your email on the site BJJFLIX.COM to continue to know the news and receive more exclusive material, OSS!

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