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Leandro Lo, The Phoenix

Long Beach is the place, 2012 is the year and the Black Belt Light Weight division is about to see the birth of arguably the most successful Black Belt run of all time. Leandro Lo defeats the incredibly tough Lucas Lepri in the finals, by one advantage and rises to the highest spot on the podium of the most prestigious tournament on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

At this point, Leandro Lo is no stranger to gold medals. Having already won many important titles in the lower rankings, the Sao Paulo native would go on to win the World's in the Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, and in the most coveted and prestigious division, the Absolute in 2018.

Leandro Lo is, at the time this article was written, a 7x World Champion who has fought the who's who of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and either came out on top or, as Master Carlson Gracie would say: "Made them pay a steep price for victory". His technical prowess is remarkable and there is no circumstance in a fight where he's uncomfortable. It seems like there's always another tool in his toolbox to overcome the deep technical traps brought in by his world-class opponents, but that isn't even the most impressive card he brings to the table. Leandro possesses the heart of a lion. His tenacity is second to none in the game! Leandro has shown over and over again that he is utterly and completely incapable of slowing down. Whether he's comfortably up on points or deep in the receiving end of a nasty leglock, he's always going forward, attacking, bothering, disrupting balance, bringing discomfort to his opponents, even when he looked absolutely exhausted 6 minutes ago.

Lo's performance has never really declined in all of these years competing at high level, but shockingly, he had not won any major tournaments or Super Fights since Pans 2018, but as his newest Tattoo indicates, Leandro always comes back, and in 2020 he did it in style. After an epic battle against Nicholas Meregali at BJJBET, Lo went on to win the incredibly difficult BJJSTARS

IV Middleweight Grand Prix overcoming the likes of Jaime Canuto, Claudio Calasans, and Dream Art standout Isaque Bahiense in the finals, proving once again to be one of the greatest to ever play the game.

It is unclear what his next commitment will be but one thing is for sure: Whatever it is, all eyes will be on him!

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