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Young champion Rayron Gracie reveals to BJJFLIX details about traumatic event involving his mother.

Young Rayron opens himself to BJJFLIX and reveals unpublished details about the shocking story involving his mother, the landscaper Elaine Caparroz, and assaults suffered by the ex-Jiu-Jitsu fighter and aggressor Vinicius Batista Serra. Despite his young age, Rayron showed great maturity and self-control during the interview. Something difficult to observe in someone that young.

"I was there in London training, focused. And out of the blue, my uncle calls, my mother's brother. He calls and says that my mother had an accident, I was in a championship at the time, and then my heart raced, I was trying to talk to her and she didn't know how to explain what had happened. She said she had gotten involved with a guy and she couldn't explain exactly what it was, then I was trying desperately to talk to someone and find out what went on. I managed to talk to her friend, I was able to talk to her. And then I saw a picture of her, you must have seen what her face looked like at the time, and when I saw that I said "fuck, it’s not possible that one person can do this to another". You see things like that in another place, on the internet, you don’t imagine it’s going to happen to you, to your family. When I saw that photo, video, anyway ... I thought, “how can someone reach a level of evil wanting to do this to someone else? To another human being?"

Rayron confesses that he was shook when he heard the news and saw an image of his disfigured mother: "How is it possible for someone to reach this level of evil, being able to do this to another human being?"

"I believe that the greatest honor someone has is being able to take care of someone who once took care of you, at the time I took a flight and came to Rio, I stayed with her for 20 days here, she stayed in the hospital for two weeks, waiting, but what struck me the most was how it is possible for a human being to be able to do this to another. And what really saved her life was jiu-jitsu, even though she never trained it, never put on a gi, I was always playing with her at home, and I really believe that this little notion she had was the difference between life and the death. Today I don't have a way to do it, but when I have a black belt or soon, I will create an organization to teach BJJ for women, because I think this is very important, it saved my mother's life and she didn't even train. I believe that if she trained I am sure that the damage she suffered would have been much smaller."

Rayron believes that it was the little Jiu-Jitsu she knew that saved her mother's life: "I believe that this little notion she had was the difference between life and death"

"The feeling I have is really of repudiation for the guy who did it, and really how is it possible for one person to do this to another? I don't like to remember it, I think that an event, as tragic as it may be, you need to get over it. Somethings happen like they happened to my father, my mother and I also tell her that we have to move on and not be stuck at that moment in the past, we have to live life, right "Get over it. Family is everything. It's you, you're a version of your family, bad or good you came from them. The whole tradition, the whole legacy is in me, as it is in my cousins ​​and as it was in my father." As it is in my uncles. So we carry it inside us, where we go, we represent it. "

We from the BJJFLIX team would like to thank our great partner Rayron Gracie for opening up and sharing such a delicate story, and also you, a BJJFLIX subscriber, for following our blog. Stay tuned to not miss any of our stories. OSS.

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